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    Managing Files and Folders


      I 'm working in a flash project in which the user is requiered to register (fill a form - user name, password,..............etc).

      is it possible to create a new separate XML file for each user once he register and save his data in it then save this XML file in a certain directory?

      Also, can flash action script create any file or folder? if so: how?

      thanx alot
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          Do you mean locally? On the users hard drive? If so....

          Flash (by itself) can't create files locally - at least not in the sense that you describe - but it can create a local sharedObject - which you can think of as a flash 'cookie' if you like. Actually they're much more powerful than cookies. If you wanted to store the information locally they're the way to go.

          If its for a flash projector style application (an executable) then there are ways to add extra support and APIs for local file system access etc to do the things you describe. At least one open source one I'm aware of and there are a number of commercial tools.
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            dido78 Level 1
            I mean on the server, inside an aspx page. i want a solution as if i'm using database.

            and for a flash projector type, what are the ways for local file system access ?

            thanx for your quick reply
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              Greg Dove Level 4
              Well others may know, or you may be better off posting in a forum focused on server side scripting if that's the main thrust of your question... I'm just beginning to learn php so can't help there.

              Its simple enough for flash and the server to make the login exchange, but what you're asking about (if I understand correctly) is the aspx code to do the work on the server.

              For the standard flash projector it can't do more than use sharedObjects by itself (ok it can do launch external exes as well, but its still very limited in terms of local file system access). There are a number of 3rd party tools that remove the limitations - however I'm no expert on them sorry. Screenweaver is an open source one. Zinc is well known, but there's lots. Best bet is to google flash projector tools or swf to exe .