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    Lightroom 5.6 Import dialog empty on Win 8



      For the last couple of weeks I have problems with LR5.6 import window unable to see any files for import on removable card, camera, local drive or network drive. If I drag files from explorer to lightroom the import dialog opens but the import screen remain empty


      Windows 8 64 bit CC licence.


      Problems appeared to begin after update through CC but since then I've tried

      1 - new catalog

      2- reinstall 5.6

      3 - uninstall and revert to 5.4

      All without success same problem - now reinstalled 5.6 and don't think it was an update problem.


      I'm not aware of any LR options that would restrict filetypes showing in the import dialog


      I'm not aware of other changes I've made that would affect file associations etc. - there have been some automatic windows updates.


      There are no problems viewing / opening the files with windows explorer or photoshop etc. and all the images currently in my catalog are fine and editable in LR - it's just the import dialog that is blank


      It doesn't help with workflow!!


      Any ideas would be great