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    TOC, Page number at left if tab is too short

    oneoff_swe Level 1

      Sorry for the coplex heading, couldn't come up with a better one.


      Is there a solution to style the TOC so the page number never ends up on the left side? Everything works fine if the headings listed in the TOC spans over one or more rows.


      But if the listed heading ends exact at the end of a row (in the TOC), the page number will appear on the left side of the next row. (I have an ^t between the entry and number in the TOC style.) If a single word in the listed flows to the row below, the TOC correctly adds the ........ (dotted line) and places the pagenumber to the right.


      Can I edit the TOC paragraph Style or TOC Style so the number is aligned to right, even though there is no entry before (which is located on the row above).


      Example of the problem:

      This titels legth is exact one  TOC row