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    How to apply ICC profiles on all the photos in preset before printing.   and user preset




      hope someone can point me to the right direction..  I have 2 questions about ICC profiles and settings in lightroom.


      1.)  I found that many photos that I have is a little two blue.  There are thousands of photos.  I would like to know if there is a way in Lightroom to "Autobatch" the changes to all those photos.

      The changes are under "white balance" -> "temp"  ->  (need to increase by 2)


      2.)  I will send out the photos to print .  According to the photo stores tech, I can apply their ICC (printer/paper) profiles before sending the files to them.  So, it will have better match how the photos come out. 

      Last time I printed some photos with them, many of the come out too dark.   But it looks fine on screen, and a little too red if I use my own inkject printer.  I hope I correct this.


      If it cannot be done in lightroom, it can only be done with Photoshop, please let me know.  I will try to use other computer with PS installed.   just let me know the steps.


      Thanks in advance.