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      adobe Premiere Elements 10 said the dvd was burned successfully, but when I put the dvd in the DVD player, it says the dvd can't be played - error message -dvd_errlog5. Please help!

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          What computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 10 running on? And, as a point of information, what video card/graphics card does your computer use? NVIDIA GeForce?


          Please insert the disc with the DVD-VIDEO format into the burner tray of your computer. Then right click that drive and click Open.

          Open the VIDEO_TS Folder to reveal the VTS_01_1.VOB file. Try to play back that file on your computer with Windows Media Player. What happens?


          What brand and type of DVD disc are you using in the Premiere Elements 10 burn to disc DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc?


          Let us start here and then decide what next?


          Depending on your reply, we may request that you burn your Premiere Elements 10 Timeline to Folder (4.7 GB) for troubleshooting purposes and then take the VIDEO_TS Folder in the saved folder to DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc using the free ImgBurn program.

          How to burn a DVD Folder with ImgBurn - AfterDawn: Guides


          But, first let us get answers to the above.


          Thank you.



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            I figured out that it was a file permissions problem. Thanks for your help!



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              Thanks for the follow up with the great news that you identified the cause of your problem.


              But, could you clarify the details of the solution?


              Where was the file permissions problem targeting?

              I am not making the connection between the "file permissions problem" as it relates to Dvd_errlog5 in a DVD player when you went to play back a DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc produced by Premiere Elements 10 burn to disc.


              What was this player - a computer player, a TV DVD player, or other?





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                I tried burning the DVD on a laptop. It says it burned successfully, but

                when I tried to play it in the laptop, the laptop would not recognize the

                DVD - it would just spin. When I tried playing it in a DVD player, I got

                the DVD-Errlog5 message. The laptop belongs to my school system, and I must

                not have rights to burn a DVD. My tech guy logged in and he has more rights

                that I do and it worked fine.



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                  Many thanks for the clarification. As a result, I understand your situation and result now.


                  Very interesting results. Under the circumstances, I am surprised that the laptop even let you burn the Timeline content to DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc.


                  But great news is that you are moving forward with your Premiere Elements projects. Great job and teamwork by you and your tech guy.


                  Best wishes