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    How to publish and create documentos to adobe digital editions?


      Hello guys,


      I'm very interested to create "personal" and "exclusive" content for some of my readers. As example, I want to sell them a short book of tips explaining more about a certain subject.


      For that reason I'm very interested to create a limited document, with a expiration date or a limited usage. To protect my copyrights.

      I know and I already used the Adobe Digital Editions as a reader, but now I would like to use that as a Publisher.


      Could you help me to understand better the rules of publishing and more important HOW can I create a document/file that can be used and published through Digital Editions?

      Should I have any special program? Or the InDesign is enough?


      I hope that I made myself understandable. I tried to find any explanation or tutorial but when people talk about A.D.E they talk only as a READER and no as a PUBLISHER.


      Thank you guys a lot!