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    Help System Development Issues(Urgent Help Needed)

      Hi all,

      I am into the developing of helpsystem for a software ( for two different versions of the same software) . I am using RObohelp 6 as the Authoring tool. Now i am into some issues , which iam finding difficult to crack.

      01.If any information is updated on a common topic, it should get updated in both the help system versions.

      02. While an Topic is called from a Context-Sensitive Help, screen shots if any , shouldn’t be displayed

      03. There are some features , which are there in ver 1 and not in Ver 2 at present. , In a future release date, we will be installing the feature , based upon which the information is to be updated in the help system.
      ( for this i have tried to use the webhelp format , along with some java script. using an if condition i have made the information hidden for now. My intention is to change the variable value to make the information visible later when the
      software is updated) . As my managers like the .chm feature, is there anyway to accoomplish in therer ?

      04. The two different versions for the help system is created by keeping the information as a common and the Screen shots different. ( This i have done by using image swapping by declaring the path in a global variable in a java script file. I tried this on .CHM files too but it didn't work.) Is there any way to accomplish in .CHM file ?

      As these tasks are very crucial and Urgent for my current project. It will be very help ful if any one can help me in this regard

      Regards and Thanx in Advance