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    Loading external CSS file

    GraphicsGeezer Level 1

      I've asked this question before and it was answered by some top contributors to this forum but I must confess that even though it worked once, it doesn't seem to work now. I'm using Edge Animate CC 2014 which may be the problem.


      I am given to understand that if you use that little 'c' button to declare a text block to be a paragraph (see screenshot below)



      then the style rule which you write in the html file produced by Edge when you publish it, should work on all text blocks designated 'p' (as per screenshot below)


      But it doesn't.


      I've tried every combination I can think of and looked everywhere, on the web in Lynda.com and in this forum, but no luck. Surely I'm not the only person on earth who wants to change text blocks with an external css file.


      I realize I'm trying the patience of you smart people out there but I need to have my answers in simple terms without leaving anything out. You cannot underestimate my ability to make mistakes.


      Any help appreciated.