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    CF10 Data Source: is value in Driver Class required?


      I'm trying to upgrade my SQL Anywhere database server from 10 to 16

      I want to use the newer JDBC connection

      ( My database runs on a different machine/server than the CF server )


      On my test system

      Server Product    ColdFusion

      Version    ColdFusion 10,282462

      Edition    Developer 

      Operating System    Windows 2003   Standard Service Pack 2

      OS Version    5.2 

      Update Level    /C:/ColdFusion10/cfusion/lib/updates/chf10000002.jar 

      Adobe Driver Version    4.1 (Build 0001) 


      Data sources using the old jdbc-odbc bridge driver work

      CF data source name: -> demo

      JDBC URL ->jdbc:ianywhere:driver=SQL Anywhere 10;dbn=demo;links=tcpip


      Driver Class -> ianywhere.ml.jdbcodbc.jdbc3.IDriver

      Driver Name -> SQL Anywhere 10

      User Name ->  dba

      Password -> sql

      (with, as you might expect, numeric values in place of xx)

      In order for these to work I needed

      dbjodbc10.dll and jodbc.jar in C:\ColdFusion10\cfusion\lib  ( Actually to be honest, I apparently installed a copy of Sybase Anywhere 10 on my web server out of desperation the last time I tried an upgrade so these are in that folder as well and I set CF classpath on the JVM  page -> "C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 10\java")


      the new driver components are sajdbc4.jar and dbjdbc16.dll  so I put them in the same place

      and SAP/Sybase/SQL Anywhere says that it does NOT use a driver name value

      JDBC URL ->jdbc:ianywhere:dbn=demo;links=tcpip


      Driver Class ->

      Driver Name -> SQL Anywhere 16

      User Name ->  dba

      Password -> sql


      Connection verification failed for data source: demo

      java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver available for demo, please

      check the driver setting in resources file,


      I'm wondering if CF10 (and for that matter CF8 which my production machine is running) require Driver Class to be filled in.

      Any clues?  and  What resources file ?