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      I have been searching for chat for hours. I wanted to call customer support initially to ask this question, but they said that they no longer answer questions about Creative Suite. They told me to ask a question in chat or in a forum. I didn't want to ask a forum because that usually takes too long, but I cant find chat, and again, I have been looking for hours. I just wanted to know if I bought Creative Suite 5.5, how much would it take to update it to 6? I've just been sent to loop after loop and there has been no attempt to help me. I'm sorry, I'm a little angry right now, but I really just want my questions answered in a timely manner. So, I actually have two questions. How much does it take to update CS 5.5 to CS 6? Where is chat because I have not been able to find it for hours? And before anyone says anything about Creative Cloud, NO, I am not interested, it costs too much for me or any freelance artist, and I find the whole thing to be kind of a mean thing to do, it just milks more and more money out of people who just want to improve or meet job requirements. Please help me and thank you if you do. Have a nice day, everybody!
      P.S Sorry this is in the wrong category, but I could not find a Creative Suite option.