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    Publish Path for Export


      My Edge Animate references some XML files to get information. For instance, the project file structure looks like this:


      Files created by the project


      <...>\Main_edgeActions.js etc.

      <...>\Images\.... etc.


      And some





      When I publish the project, a folder <...>\Publish\web is created. Of course, it didn't have the xml files and images in my "resources" folder, so I copied them over. However, even after doing this, the files weren't found.


      The files are found, however, when I use browser preview mode.


      What is going on here?

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          Devendra Kumar Adobe Employee

          Hi amuskens,


          All the image files should be under <...>\Publish\web\Images\....   when you publish the project it will automatically copied images file inside that.


          If images are not there then copy all the file and test the page.





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