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    [urgent] HP DreamColor LP2480ZX - choosing for reference monitor


      Hi people,

      I'm a colorist non pro because I do color grading on video that 90% ones will be on youtube and 10% (increasing, luckly) will be on broadcast HDTV.

      So, my friend can sell me a new HP DreamColor LP2480ZX and I want a TRUE 10bit panel (not the z24x).

      For this monitor, I will buy 700$,



      So, can you give me tips on this monitor because it's so old? it's a TFT...but i don't know, it seems be an incredible opportunity.



      The really problem is: I've this opportunity till this night!!





      ps: I've this "workstation":

      asus X79 Deluxe

      i7 4930K

      16gb (will be 32gb) ram

      GTX 780 nvidia

      Blackmagic Minimonitor

      and other.