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    Preloader question?

      I'm looking for a way to have a preloader with progress bar, and then once it gets to 100%, play a little in between movie and then load the movie that was preloaded. The problem is that the final movie has to load all over again like it's not in the cache. Is there any way to keep it in the background and call it up in that 3rd frame?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          anything that's completely loaded will be in the user's cache so it does not have to reload from your server to the user.

          however, if you're loading something that you don't want to display set its _alpha to zero, and execute a targetMC.stop() (after loading is complete) where targetMC is the loadMovie() target movieclip. or, if you have control of the external swf insert an empty keyframe in the first frame and place a stop() there. when you're ready to play the loaded movie execute a targetMC.play().
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            frist44 Level 1
            got it!

            I was using the loader component, which threw me off. I inserted a blank movie and user loadmovie() to load it was the progress bar. The external movie got loaded to a blank instance. I inserted a stop frame in the first frame of the external movie. Spanned the blank instance over the three frames and then in the third frame just put in a targetMC.play() command. Works like a charm. Thanks for the great advice.

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              you're welcome.