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    Full screen hero page, adaptable to any window when resized, still scrollable, always 100% browser window before scroll

    deecaadf Level 1

      The title pretty much says it all.


      I'm no dummy when it comes to edge animate but I am new to jquery and I am guessing that is where my solution is.


      Instead of going into the details, here is the website that has EXACTLY what I am looking to do:


      Notice the above the fold exactly at the bottom of the browser window at any browser size before scrolling and the exact browser size with each section scrolled through.


      I mean, I literally want to emulate that exact layout. I have a 4-part responsive web page I wish to design vertically and every new section would be the exact with and height of the browser window no matter what size you scale it to. I mean exactly like the example website I just posted.


      So whether it's a plugin necessary to do this or jquery or ANYTHING, I literally have no more hair to pull out after watching video after video and reading article after article about this.


      Is this possible in edge animate alone or a mix of things?


      Again, I am no newbie to pretty much the entire creative suite so please, talk my ear off with a solution so I can keep a bit of my sanity and the last of my dignity over here.



      Thank you in advance.