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    Bridge loads .mp4 files, upon import to After Effects, .mp4 video data lost


      Hello all,


      Today I've encountered a strange issue with my .mp4 file. My friend exported a video with h.264 compression with the YouTube 4k Preset from Premiere Pro CC (Mac version). The only settings he changed were the maximum/target bitrate to the maximum allowed and checked "maximum render quality". He exported that directly to his Dropbox desktop application and sent me the download link. I previewed it on Dropbox's website. There was audio and video. I downloaded the file and Windows Media Player sees it as just an audio file and there are no visuals. Quicktime sees it as a video file and displays visuals. I open the file in Bridge CS5.1 I have the Production Premium Collection CS5.5. In Adobe Bridge, the file contains audio and visuals (including metadata to back that up). I can even preview it. I right click the file and select place in After Effects and in After Effects, once again, the file shows no resolution, just audio. Why won't After Effects display my clip? (While the Bridge photo doesn't display it, if I drag the cursor to the middle, there is a preview of the frame. The preview area is just blank because I had to open clipping tool to take the screenshots.) Thank you!