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    How to open two projects in the same time?

    Wermount2323 Level 1

      I have over 40 file project. Stadium.

      I am in finish of my work, but I forgot about something. I didn't notice that I lost a few keyfreme animation. I didn't realize that in 30 project and I am more over 40 right now. I made a lot of work and I can't go back to 30 project. I don't want to do this from the beginning, so I would like to COPY my keyfremes from project 3o to project 40. To do that I need to have 2 programs opens (to copy keyfremes from 30 project to 40 project). But I can't open two After Effects.


      How Can I copy my keyframes on timeline?


      To copy ALL of this in one turn and paste also: