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    Catalog, back-ups


      Hi everybody,


      i use LR since the beginning and I am very happy with it. Love to talk about it and demonstrate all the advantages.

      FRom time to time I delete the oldest back ups, it never gave me problems. Yesterday I did that as well.

      When opening LR....he told me that he couldn't. The back up of some day in may was missing .....?

      Then I opened the .lrcat ( the one from the same folder as the previews), had to relaunch, update (for example for 500px) but I received a really old catalog with folders I used a long time ago. ???

      searching for the right catalog and updating resulted in some more .lrcat (4, 5...)

      finally I opened the latest back up. I noticed that I forgot to take a back up after my latest folder import (stupid, I know) but hey.....as all the xmp's are in that file......so, I imported that folder again. Surprise: ratings are ok, but changes from develop module, black and whites.....gone. 

      DOes. Anyone know what's happening here ? I have only one catalog and I tought that all changes, all information was there.


      THanks a lot in advance,