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    My timecode changed to five digits APE11


      APE 11 running Vista

      All of a sudden my time code changed from h:m:s;f to five digit numbe. I have searched every phrase I can think of relating to timecod and have fround no answer. You would think it would be indixed someplace.


      So, how do I reset my timecode on my time line back to h:m:s;f, please?


      Thanks in advance.

      Cheers and Peace! Phil

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          Phil.com Level 1

          I knew this would happen as soon as I pressed the Post button.


          I found it under:

          Edit/Project Settings/General/Display Format/change to 30fps Drop Frame Timecode


          I still don't understand why that is so difficult to find any place. It did not show up in APE Help.


          I just stumbled over it back tracking what I looked for before.


          Cheers andPeace! Phil