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    Lightroom Issues Aplenty

    John PM



      I've been using Lightroom on another computer for about a month (an i5 core notebook) and it works amazingly well (with the exception of issues the notebook itself is currently having with the keyboard), but, for some reason on my significantly better spec i7 core desktop, Lightroom is having all sorts of issues - including not displaying all the images on the import / library section. It shows the IDs and where to check them, but won't show the thumbnail images themselves for a significant period of time, if at all. Usually I just have to close out, and start all over again, and it still doesn't work. Then, after I do check ones to import, they don't all finish appearing available to develop until several minutes have passed. Then, when you go back to the import section, it won't show the SD card available for selection anymore - let alone any of the images, at all.


      Has anyone experienced anything like this? Or, could give me an idea of what I may want to do, to get this program to function basically as it should? Thanks!