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    Lightroom 5 CD installation after creative cloud subscription expired

    alex comaya


      Please help me to use my new Lightroom 5.  I purchased the new Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 CD pack and successfully installed already in my Macbook pro. There is no new icon to open the Lightroom.  And when I try to open the old icon of my Annual subscription in lightroom creative cloud (monthly charged but stopped since last week due to my credit card error) the Develop module is not available, it is asking for serial number but the serial number number when I entered the one from my box is not valid.  Please help.  I cannot contact also your hotline number.  I am here in Doha, Qatar and I purchased the new CD pack from B&H online store and delivered to me thru courier.


      Please reply or contact me at alexcomaya@gmail.com  


      Thank you.



      Alex Comaya

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          DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

          The Lightroom CD that you purchased is a Perpetual License and will not activate the Creative Cloud version. Uninstall the existing Lightroom CC from your computer using your normal operating system procedure. This process will not interfere with your existing catalog, preferences and files. It only removes the actual application.

          Install from the CD or download the latest version from available through the link below and then use the License Key to activate.

          Product updates scroll down to select the appropriate application.