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    XML tagged content flows in as one paragraph

    Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

      Hi gang,


      I am working on a small XML to InDesign project. I set up the document. It has paragraph and character styles. It has XML tags. It has tags mapped to styles. I built a model example of text and tagged it carefully, applying xml tags to text and not including the hard returns.


      When I import the XML and then drag it onto the page, the entire xml content shows up and most of it is correct. Most xml tags arrive as separate paragraphs that are correctly paragraph-styled.


      Except for just three xml tags. They all arrive within one paragraph. I need them to be on separate paragraphs. It ignores my xml-tagged model of text. All but these three tags show up correctly with hard returns separating them.


      How can I get the remaining three tags (which are 6 child elements deep in the xml structure) to show up as separate paragraphs instead of in one paragraph?


      Best to you,


      Mike Witherell in Maryland