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      hi i have a problem on adobe cs6, i am a photographer and i work heavily on my pictures, sometimes with graphic techniques(like lens flare, light leaks etc) and sometimes just with camera raw. i have this problem in the sense that i am satisfied with how the final image looks on my monitor but when i send these pictures to both my phones (AN HTC android and a blackberry q5) the images look over saturated, the colors are too contrasted and are too deep, everything looks like i over edited it and i dont understand. my laptop monitor supports 32-bit imaging and its set to that by default, but my picture mode in photoshop is set to 16-bit by default, please help as i dont know what to do, could it be my monitor thats rendering false colors? i read something about changing color spaces to between sRGB adobe RGB and ProPhoto RGB but i just dont understand anything, please help


      laptop specs:

      toshiba satellite a665-s6050

      intel core i3 350m @2.2ghz

      intel hd 3000 graphics card

      adobe photoshop cs6.1 with the latest camera raw