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    Help, I really need  yepnope 1.5.4. Really I do.

    somnamblst Level 1

      The link to that file on Github is a 404, and my Edge 2.0 published files are not showing up in IE 11. the error thrown for reference is

      Object doesn't support property or method 'okToLaunchComposition'


      Update to Edge Animate CC is here, fixing compatibility issues with IE11 « Adobe Edge Animate Team Blog


      Long story short, I use Edge Animate to create show/hide pushdown ads that use a specific template in both Edge and DFP. I should have Edge 3 by now, have been asking for months, but in the meantime I have Edge 2.0 published files I need to be able to apply this hack to. Can anyone point me to a copy of yepnope 1.5.4


      1) Download the latest version of yepnope (1.5.4 as of this writing) from Github and open it up in a code editor.

      2)   Open yourAwesomeFile_edgePreload.js (it’ll say “Do not edit this file” at the top – don’t worry, we won’t tell.)

      3)   Copy the contents of  yepnope.1.5.4-min. js and paste into your preloader.js between:

      if(!AdobeEdge.yepnope) {


      AdobeEdge.yepnope = window.yepnope;