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    Configuration variables in flex-config

      I have a bunch of .Net web services that I am consuming from flex. I dont want to hard code the url because it changes between development and production. Is there a way I could store them in a configuration file and retrive them in code later? I also have a bunch of other variables that need similar external configuerable storage.
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          I've been facing the same issue, currently have some hardcoded constants within my Flex app that get compiled in. The first idea was to load the config file through another HTTPService call that loads an xml configuration file from the service. That kinduve runs into the chicken and egg problem though, where do you configure the url for that file?

          I think what I'm going to end up doing is loading a config file using an HTTPService through a relative url, it's safe to assume that config file should be served from the same place you are serving your flex .swf app. Then that file can contain the url for any true services that you call.