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    Safari and Dynamic Images onResize problems

      Hello everyone! I am a "budding" developer and I have found a unique problem that I cannot seem to find an answer to. I have built a flash site here: www.robertovalenzuelaphotography.com - once it loads, go to the portfolio section. If you are using Safari, (All the thumbnails have to load as of this post for the first picture to load - i'm working on it!) the image doesn't appear correctly - it gets badly distorted - although it is anchored in the right coordinate, it is sized weird. I am using an onResize() listener to change how big the portfolio area is so the images loading into the box are sized appropriately. Is there a known issue with the Stage object and coordinate systems with Safari? Please help! - this site works in Netscape on Mac - I haven't been able to test it in Firefox. PC - works fine in IE and Firefox.