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    Where are the paragraph style tools in Indesign CC2014?

    Zeta Tucanae Level 1

      Hi! I've just started using Id through Creative Cloud on a new computer (have been using CC CS6 for two years), and the installer gave me CC2014 rather than CS6. So this is a question only about CC2014.


      Where has the paragraph styles window gone? Specifically, how can I edit, create and organise paragraph styles, and how can I get a window up on the main screen with all the styles laid out? All these things were easy to find in CS6, but I can't track them down in CC2014. The only thing I get (and that with a bit of customization). is a drop-down menu in the main toolbar, which allows me to choose from existing options on an existing document.


      There is no Paragraph Styles option under Windows>Styles.

      There is no Paragraph Styles option under Type.

      The only Paragraph window which appears is designed for editing text as you go along, not for applying styles.

      The Help options all point me back to the entry for CS6, and tell me to go to Type>Paragraph Styles (which doesn't exist).

      I can't get a window up on the main screen to apply styles instantly from a list. I only get that dropdown menu, which has no further options.


      Can anyone either point me to some up-to-date guidelines or explain where all the paragraph options have gone and how I can use them? Alternatively, can I revert to CS6? This was easy and intuitive before, and now it's neither...