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    Default values in Dropdown-lists

    Frank Ueffing Level 1



      I've got a question concerning default-values in Dropdown-Lists.


      When I am open a new marketing campaign form I can choose a main channel. By default "(Non-specified)" is selected. By reason that about 90%+ of my campaigns are in the main channel "E-Mail", I would like to chose "E-Mail" as the default value.


      I analyzed that the form refers to the schema "nms:operation", which is a factory-configured object. In fact of this information I have to create an extension object.


      The XML of the extension object is given below:


      <srcSchema _cs="Campaigns (fue)" created="2014-09-02 13:51:00.947Z" createdBy-id="0"

                 desc="Extension Schema by FUe" entitySchema="xtk:srcSchema" extendedSchema="nms:operation"

                 img="nms:operation.png" label="Campaigns" labelSingular="Campaign" lastModified="2014-09-02 14:52:05.857Z"

                 mappingType="sql" md5="A66FD32F668697F9E1B9E09B5EA920CE" modifiedBy-id="0"

                 name="operation" namespace="fue" xtkschema="xtk:srcSchema">

        <createdBy _cs="Frank Ueffing (Frank.Ueffing)"/>

        <modifiedBy _cs="Frank Ueffing (Frank.Ueffing)"/>


        <enumeration default="mail" name="messageType" template="nms:delivery:messageType"/>


        <element desc="Extension Schema by FUe" img="nms:operation.png" label="Campaigns"

                 labelSingular="Campaign" name="operation"/>



      But it did not work. The default is still "(Non-specified)". :-(


      I also tried to add values to the enumeration, like "PoS" (Point of Sale). Look at the XML:


        <enumeration default="mail" name="messageType" template="nms:delivery:messageType">

          <value label="pos" name="pos" value="999"/>



      Curiosly the appendix works, but the default-value fails.


      In my opinion the extension-schema is right. But what is the failure concerning the default-value?


      I am looking forward to your support. Thanks!


      Best regards,


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          Linda Stinson Adobe Employee

          Hi Frank,


          Your approach to adding messageTypes by extending the Campaign schema (nms:operation) is correct. As to the default, you have done this correctly as well, but aren't seeing it when you create a new campaign because of the following.


          When you create a Campaign, you are actually making a copy of a Campaign template. (Campaign templates are instances of nms:operation, distinguished from actual campaigns by the isModel="true" flag.) The default value for the drop-down list is set in the Campaign template. To see this, go to the Resources > Templates > Campaign templates folder, open a template as if for editing, and Ctrl-F4 to edit the XML. Search for messageType. Compare the definition of the opEmpty Campaign template to that of the opEmail Campaign template, which actually does what you wanted:




            In fact if you create a new Campaign template from scratch instead of duplicating an existing one, you will see that the messageType does default to frank.



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            Linda Stinson Adobe Employee

            For anyone attempting the same thing, here is the definition, containing two additional messageType values and the "frank" default.


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              Frank Ueffing Level 1

              Hi Linda,


              thanks for your answer.


              The solution works for the templates "New campaign" and "Recurring campaign", but not for the template "Periodic campaign". If I change the messageType value from "127" to "0" (E-Mail) this error message occurs:


              "You must specify a program."


              What do I have to do?


              There is also another question concerning this topic. When I change the messageType from "127" to "0", furthermore there is the value "(non specified)". This value is defined in a factory-configured object. How can I delete this item (in an extension schema)?


              Best regards,


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                Linda Stinson Adobe Employee

                Hi Frank,


                  I will look at this issue when I can, but hopefully you are duplicating the templates before modifying them. If not, that is okay, but a best practice is not to modify the out of the box templates - they are the ones in bold. This is because if you upgrade your environment you will lose your changes and also because if you break them there is not a backup.