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    Save As...  Indesign (2014) seems to break files.

    robert.humphreys@bbdo.com Level 1

      A typical workflow for our Creatives is:

      Once original is set up. a few days later someone wants a change to it.

      They typically open the file, chose Save As... Create a V2 or V3 and save it.

      And make the changes to the new version.


      If the file was originally created in Indesign CC and now the user is on Indesign CC (2014) When doing the Save As... and creating a new version. that goes ok.

      The issue is, now the newly created version takes up to 20 minutes to actually open in Indesign CC (2014), and just crashes. completely locks up.


      It's been tried with multiple files, both directly off the server storage, and the local machine, so it's not the server...


      I've tried multiple machines and it still happens, so it's not the computer..


      But, it does not happen with ALL InDesign files, some work great, and no problems.


      I'm stuck..