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    Missing Tags when placing items from Indesign Library



      I am new to Indesign and am running into a issue for which I am seeking help.

      Env: CS6 and Mac

      I have Indesign documents which contains template with graphics which are tagged for XML, these templates are then stored in an indesign library.

      I added these templates to the library by selecting All and dragging items into the library panel.

      These templates are later placed in new documents from the indesign library, however when i place the items from library into the new document the tag structure has missing elements.


      Structure before inserting into the library:

      <Root><ad><adid></adid><issuedate></issuedate><area></area><title1></title1><price></price><pic1></ pic1><address></address><title2></title2><text1></text1><imgphoto1></imgphoto1><name1> 


      Structure after dragging item from library:

      <Root><adid></adid><issuedate></issuedate><area></area><title1></title1><price></price><pi c1></pic1><address></address><title2></title2><text1></text1><imgphoto1></imgphoto1><name1 > 

      Please note the <ad> missing. I am at a loss why this is happening, is there a setting that needs to be set as I am creating the library which will ensure the Structure is maintained.


      I need the structure to maintained as I am using javascript to import xml to populate the templates and now with the missing tags import does not work.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.