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    InDesign CS5 tables breaking to new column/page when they're not supposed to


      Beginner using InDesign CS5. Trying to work with tables. Every time I create a new table, or convert some tabular text to a table, the newly created table seems to have some kind of page break or column break in it --- the table shows a few rows on the current page, then breaks to show the next rows on the following page. There's no break of any kind in the text, and there's plenty of room below the start of the table in the current text frame. I must get the table to show in one piece in the current frame, but nothing I can do will get it to not break. Can anyone please please please help?

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
          1. Inside a cell or table raw cannot be a break. If in a cell is not enough room for the whole cell a break is inserted above.
          2. Otherwise you should look into all keep options in your used paragraph styles.
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            jhherring Level 1

            First, let me thank you for writing, and so quickly, too! Great to know there are qualified people out there willing to help.


            I have a great deal of experience with typography and Adobe products, but I kind of slacked off when they killed PageMaker. Always swore to get around to learning InDesign, but never did. Now I'm paying for that laxness.


            The problem is that I have a two-column layout, with text flowing nicely from column to column and page to page, until I need to put some of the text into a table. There are no paragraphs of text within the table, just a few words per cell. I can send you the file, if you like. There are no breaks of any kind within the text. I can either create a table new, using InDesign's table creation tool, or I can select the tabular text and try to convert it to a table. Either way, even though there is plenty of room below this text in the same text frame, when the table appears, the first three rows of the table appear within the text frame as expected, and the last two rows of the table are pushed into the next text frame, which occurs on the next page. There is no object for the text to be avoiding, no break within the text, nothing within the table cells but a few words each. There is plenty of room for all the contents of every cell, and for the whole table. I can look into the keep options for my paragraphs, as you suggested, but which paragraphs? There are no paragraphs inside the table. I could look at the keep options for the paragraphs immediately above and below the table, when I next get back to my InDesign installation (on the road this afternoon), but why would they affect the table, which is not in those paragraphs?


            Very confused, very frustrated, very eager to solve this problem for my client, who wants to move forward.


            Can I send you screenshots, or InDesign files?


            Any help you can offer will be gratefully accepted!



            ---- J