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    check box (single option), filter now showing "false" responses



      I am using the check box (single option) and when I try to use the filter, I have the "false" and "verdadero" (true) options available, when I choose "verdadero" all the selected ones do show, but if I choose the "false" nothing shows, not even those who don´t have the check box selected.


      For a moment I was seing 3 options: "false", "falso", and "verdadero", but don´t know what I did ( or maybe a coworker did) that i only see one option but it is not working, this has happened in all forms where I have a check box column


      Have tried creating a new check box column, but even manualy, I still get the same,


      Thanyou for your support


      Mónicacheck box error.png