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    How do I combine Catalogs?


      I've been sloppy in my use of Catalogs in Lightroom (LR4.4), and now I am trying to get better organized.

      The major problem is that I've been using 2 different computers, and on both computers I used the same Catalog name.   Some pictures, edits are on both computers, and some are on just one.

      I am now switching to a single computer & I want to combine the two catalogs into a single catalog.

      Can't figure out how to do that.

      any advice?


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          dj_paige Level 9

          On the  computer with the catalog that will be discarded, select File->Export as Catalog, and check "Include Negatives". Move every file created to the other computer.


          Open the catalog that you want to contain everything, select File->Import from Another Catalog and then point Lightroom to the 2nd catalog.

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            coachgns Level 1

            Thanks - but as of now, that Other Catalog is on a different computer, so I can't point to it.

            CAn I use the Backup disk from that computer?


            I recently tried to ue the backup disk to find a photo to edit & I got a message something to the effect that I can't edit that file.  Thus wondering if I can import from a backup?


            Ahh - maybe move that file to the CLoud or Google Drive?


            THen my next issue is that most photos are stored on an external drive, but I do have some photos stored on one of the computers. I'd like to combine them all together, but don't want to duplicate. Mainly RAW & DNG files - taking up lots of space, thus stored on a 1 TB drive (that is running out of space).