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    Will I always get color discrepancies when lab printing images softproofed on a 75% on AdobeRGB monitor?



      I am struggling to get  printed output from a professional printing service to match what I see when I softproof on my monitor. The printed image always looks considerably more green and warm, although whites are ok. Blue skies tend to get warm greenish. The printed image often looks like a warm instagram filter had been applied.


      I have two (different generation) Dell U2412M monitors (Dell U2412M = Standard gamut = 71% NTSC, 74.3% Adobe RGB, 95.8% sRGB).

      These are the steps I have taken to try to achieve color consistency between monitor and print:


      • I have calibrated and profiled with a Spyder 3 Express using BasICColor Display 5 software, previously also used the Datacolor software that came with the calibrator. After this, what I see on my monitor "looks normal" (skin tones, landscapes etc.)
      • I shoot RAW with a Sony NEX6, develop in Lightroom 4 using ProPhoto 16 bit color space.
      • I softproof in Lightroom using an ICC file provided by the printing service.
      • I use Lightroom to print to file tagging it with AdobeRGB profile. Either as TIFF or as JPG 100%.
      • I print with the direction to the printer to "not make any auto corrections to my file".
      • I have Windows 7 64bit.


      I thought this would mean that I would get - probably not perfect - but at least a very strong match between softproof and printed image.  But I do not.


      Are these rather strong color discrepancies to be expected given my hardware?

      Is my Spyder broken (it's out of warranty)?

      Or is my workflow erroneous?