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    Cannot open books in Kobo




      I downloaded Adobe Digital Edition, signed up, downloaded books. Then I add Kobo and add book in the Kobo library in Adobe Digital Editions program. I syncronized my Kobo with my computer. But still I cannot open books in Kobo. I get the same problem message, "... and is not currently authorized for use with your Adobe ID. Please sign-in with the authorized Adobe ID and try again."


      What should I do?

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          i have the exact same problem and adobe customer support offered zero help. i'm going to call them tomorrow and make them figure this all out. i was online with them this evening and had the rep delete my adobe id, in case ade was being snarky about my new device, even though it's the exact same ereader, just a new one. not even upgraded. the number i have is 1 800 833 6687. i read in another thread that having them delete the account and starting a new one does work, but it takes 5-7 days for the account to delete. it's as though adobe doesn't even care about its users or their problems with the software. the rep i spoke to this evening- and this is the third time i've contacted adobe about this exact same unresolved problem- referred me to the forums- the site of unanswered questions. my hope is that enough people will call in with this exact same problem and force adobe to resolve it. my kobo touch is pretty much useless until my adobe id resets. i only used it for library books

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            Kiwi Paul

            Hi There to both of you,


            I am running Adobe digital 4.0 on windows 8, I have a Kobo aura H20 and have same issue.  Download from the public library, all synced in terms of authorisations, it confirms in Adobe digital that both devises are authorised but when I come to try and read on the Kobo after drag and drop it comes up with no authorisation. Did you get anywhere with this? I think it must be a kobo problem - I am waiting for their customer support to get back to me,



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              #cbh Level 1

              Here's a bit more info: https://forums.adobe.com/message/5999248#5999248

              I tried the steps in post 23 but that didn't make a difference. I then managed to chat to Adobe Technical Support (link in post 28), who didn't know the difference between a tablet and an ereader, and they basically talked me through the same steps again and eventually told me I had to contact Kobo. I think I'll just return the Kobo, I'm losing the will to live.

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                Seems to me there are a lot of us having the same problem!!!  Haven't any advice tho'.  We can't all be missing the same thing can we?  Hope someone out there has found a solution.  Good luck.

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                  Kobo finally gave me a solution that worked for my device! It seems to be an Adobe version issue (nice of Adobe not to mention that or to make any effort to sort it out). I have now uninstalled everything (Kobo and ADE), done a Kobo factory reset on the device, then installed ADE version 3.0 (from here: Download | Adobe Digital Editions Home), re-authorised everything, copied my book across, and lo and behold, I can now read it on the Kobo.


                  What a faff, I shall disable any auto-update settings in ADE, otherwise I'll have the same problem again with the next update.


                  Hope this helps.