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    Stripes / bars appear suddenly at random in Photoshop CC 2014


      I've been getting some unusual stripes or bars that suddenly appear in Photoshop while editing an image. It started after the update to CC 2014.

      Characteristics include:

      They stripes are in the file, as opposed to screen glitches and can be undone.

      They appear to be either cyan, magenta, yellow or black.

      They save with the file.

      They appear when I do things such as levels adjustments, color adjustments, etc.


      Any thoughts of what might be causing this?


      My setup is as follows

      Dell Optiplex 3010

      Intel  i3-3220 CPU

      4GB RAM

      Windows 7 Professional 64bit

      Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7000 series


      Example of what this looks like.

      photoshop error.jpg

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you don’t save and then reopen the same file are the patterns exactly the same or different?  In other words is the data on disk corrupted before you open the file or just in memory after you open the file.  To be sure you might reboot between the two openings of the same file to make sure it’s not cache memory that’s bad.


          If the files don’t show the corruption initially, but only after doing some operations, or if the initial corruption is in different places from one open to the next, then it sounds like a RAM or other hardware problem.   Since the corruption saves with the files, then it’s not just a display problem although PS does use the video card driver for some operations so the video card could be the problem, still.


          You might want to do a RAM test using whatever low-level diagnostics your system has to do that.  Something that takes 10s of minutes is probably extensive enough to find little problems.