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    Weird Lines showing in PDF at certain Zooms


      I created this layout in InDesign. When I print to PDF, I can see the outlines of an object's container (the pink line on the left) over another object (the brown silhouette on left). Sometimes I can see both lines when I zoom in to 150% in Adobe Acrobat, sometimes I can only see 1 line when I zoom in to around 200%. Is this going to print like this? Of course my deadline is tomorrow.


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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          First of all, you should never “print to PDF.” The PostScript produced as an intermediate product is not designed for PDF production. The resultant PDF file has no color management, may have image resolution issues, and no live transparency.


          You should always export PDF. And you should use either the PDF/X-4 settings or the High Quality Print settings.


          Very likely, the funky things you are seeing are artifacts of transparency flattening, a process that occurs when producing PostScript for printing from InDesign.


          Try properly producing PDF from InDesign via export and let us know whether the problem persists.


                    - Dov