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    HowTo: identify readonly/locked files in LightRoom


      Dear community member.

      If you are like me, you will sometimes mark (Nikon calls it "locking" - at the file system level the image is simply flagged as read-only) a photograph in the field.  The idea being that:

      1. you don't want to accidentally delete a great photograph from the camera, and
      2. marking the photograph makes it easy to identify the real-winners in post production.


      As far as I can tell, there is no straightforward way of asking Lightroom:

      • "only show me the photographs that have been marked read-only", or
      • "please label the read-only files red"

      I thought this would be a relatively straightforward task, but for the life of me I can't find out a simply way of doing this.  Have I missed something, or is this simply not supported by Lightroom?


      Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated!



      • Nikon D7100
      • Lightroom 4.4
      • I copy my photographs from the memory card to the hard disk using a memory card reader.  The files are then "added" to Lightroom, thus keeping the readonly file attribute.