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    How do I add page numbers to a index cross reference?


      I have created a 900 page medical reference book with hundreds of index entries. The index now is about 38 pages.

      The author originally marked the synonyms to be cross references which I tagged as cross references in the index.

      For example it now says "Eagle-Barrett syndrome. See prune belly". The reader would have to flip to the prune belly index entry where it would say "Prune Belly 408", then would then have to go to page 408.

      The author would now like to also say the page number next to the cross references so it would say ""Eagle-Barrett syndrome. See prune belly on page 408".

      Does anyone have an idea on how to do this?

      Thank You

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          Peter Kahrel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          InDesign won't do that for you, you'd have to do that manually or -- since it looks scriptable -- write a script that would do that.


          What if the cross-referenced topic has several page references? Are they all repeated, so that you ge something like the following?


          Eagle-Barrett syndrome. See prune belly on pp. 150, 200, 210, 230, 380, 408, 450, 478

          . . .

          . . .

          prune belly  150, 200, 210, 230, 380, 408, 450, 478



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            Kartman Level 1

            Thank you Peter for your answer. It was not what I hoped for. I had hoped someone would just answer, "turn on this option in InDesign". But to hear that InDesign can not do it, puts me on a different path.

            To get a better understanding what is going on here, please know that this is a medical reference book about newborn baby care written for doctors. The book is organized by part of the body from head to toe. There are 16 chapters with each chapter dedicated to a body part(Head, eyes, ears, neck, abdomen, etc..). Each chapter is broken down into topics related to that body part. In the example I gave, prune belly is a topic in the abdomen chapter. However, there are often synonyms for each topic, and in this case Eagle-Barrett is a synonym for prune belly and I am tagging it as a cross-reference. The topic of prune belly on occurs once and does not have multiple page numbers.

            Because the index is so large(38 pages), the author does not want to have the reader have to flip around the index to much, just to find the page number. They would rather have the page number of the cross reference destination(topic) listed right with the cross reference.

            It sounds like writing a script may be a solution. Can anyone with some scripting experience give me an indication if they think this is something that is scriptable? If so, give me any scripts that are similar to this. I will post this also in the scripting forum.

            Is there any plug-in available that would do this?

            Thank You ahead of time for your response.