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    Dynamic Text Box

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      I am looking for help or tutorial to create custom scroll bar for scrolling dynamic text. The graphics for the scroll bar need to be custom artwork to match the site.(this I can do...)

      Any help or direction to accomplish this?

      Thanks for any help.

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          Maybe I posted this on the wrong forum... can anyone point me in the right direction? Maybe a tutorial somewhere or a forum that addresses this type of question?

          Thanks for any help or direction.

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            Im not sure how much direction you need, but to do this, create a textbox inside a movie clip at (0,0) then draw a line. draw a box on the line as the drag head. make both into a movie clip with the top point at 0. on the root timeline add start and stop drag actions. Also on that same place add a this.onEnterFrame function that moves the textbox movie clip UP as the scroll bar moves DOWN. (do some math :) ) Also, add a mask over the whole thing so that when the textbox movie clip moves up, it doesnt show above the screen. With this you can color the scrollbar as fancy as you like.

            There is math involved here for the length of the scroll, how fast u scroll, ect.
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              I really do appreciate your repley, but I'm afraid I dont' know much about action script. Do you know of a tutorial that has more step by step information?


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                www.cartoonsmart.com they have one you can buy, its really good, its a video tutorial.
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                  Hey guys, I need help! -- I am new to flash.
                  I have a scrolling text box with text and images in it. I need to know how I can put text at the top that they can click and then it will jump down in the text box to a specific location, can anyone help please.