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    dng broken


      Import and convert to dng


      file sudden broken


      i Need help

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          dj_paige Level 9

          What file is broken? How do you know it is broken? What do you see to tell you it is broken?


          Please tell us what version of Lightroom you are using and what operating system are you using?


          Could you please type in complete sentences? Thanks.

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            thomas1972 Level 1

            hi thanks for answer me


            i load the CR2 file and convert automaticly in DNG then i create some things in 5.6 lightroom.

            then I import the cataloge to my desktop PC all is ok......... sudden some DNG fils are broken and i can't use it

            enclosed the error that i see in lightroom.....i can't use nothing more and my second copy are broken too

            i want to send you the dng but i had no way to to it. the system said to me the file ist to big.please help me, thanks

            regats tom


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              dj_paige Level 9

              This is almost always a hardware problem, somewhere in the chain between camera and your computer, which causes this corruption.


              The problem could be camera card, USB port or card reader, computer hard disk or computer memory. You need to isolate each component individually, try different hardware or even a different computer, to determine the cause.

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                thomas1972 Level 1

                I send my picture with my card reader to the pc

                and my card reader work perfect and the hdd is ok too

                I found no problems into my pc


                what now???

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                  areohbee Level 6

                  First: I agree with dj_paige - this problem is almost certainly due to a failing hardware component, or something like that.


                  But may I ask: does this problem only occur with raw (e.g. CR2) files converted to DNG? (the title of your post is "dng broken" not "raw files are broken").


                  Anyway, make sure you visually inspect files immediately after conversion, and run the 'Validate DNG Files' function on Library menu frequently until this problem is sorted.


                  If you want to try not converting to DNG and see whether it makes a difference, I recommend using the 'Raw File Integrity Checker' plugin (free, written by me) - it's designed to identify raw file corruption, and supports any/all raw (and non-raw) file formats.