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    Adobe pdf Printer


      Dear all,


      I need to create the VIRTUAL PDF PRINTER IN MY MAC.

      Anybody knows How can I do??

      I ve read that in the new versions this is not possible, and i ve to select "save as adobe pdf".


      But ......

      I have a problem for setting the file for printing from excel.

      How can I generate a file CMYK from excel that maintains the selective colors when I open the same file in Acrobat Professional?!

      Even if i select "save as adobe pdf", the file inherits the RGB (monitor) of the printer selection (in the new versions I can't select the Virtual PDF PRINTER and then an office one is automatically selected),

      In Acrobat professional, if I select the black one the color doesn't disappear!


      Thank you for your help!

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          We are here not in the MS Excel forum.

          But when you create a PDF with Save as Adobe PDF you have to select PDF/X-1a to get a CMYK file.

          But be aware that Excel is only working in RGB and even if the output might be converted into a CMYK file, it will not mean that this file is print ready. Probably the black will consist of all four color plates.


          Don’t use the virtual PDF printer. What for? From professional applications like InDesign, you can export a PDF, from MS Office you can save as Adobe PDF. Even if no Acrobat Pro is installed you can Save as PDF from any print dialog, even if this PDF is created with Apples Quartz technology.

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            annalisaReal Level 1

            Thank you Will for your answer.


            I know that. And i ve already tried with (PDF/X1) but the problem still remains.

            And also for the margin (without the pdf virtual printer) i cannot operate on them...

            I need to create a CMYK file from excel that allows me to "isolate" the black.

            When i open the file in Acrobat and i select the black (to make a test), some gray color stil remains under the words!

            This is my problem.

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              Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

              That is, because it comes from MS Office. A virtual printer would not solve it.

              In Acroabt PRO you can convert colored blacks to clean K-black.