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    Change Default Keyframe Velocity?

    display-artist Level 1

      As you convert a keyframe to "Easy Ease", the default value for "influence" is set to 33,33333%.

      Is there a way to change this default value, for example to 75%?


      It's really annoying to manually change it for every keyframe!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Use the Ease & Whizz script. It's free, after all.



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            display-artist Level 1

            Yeah i already got it.

            But it's not the same

            The problem with "Ease and wizz" is that it affects EVERY keyframe (or First/Last) on the specified layer (because it's writing an expression). So i need to split the Layer if i want to have another type of easing at a later time (if you have a lot of keyframes on one layer).


            I often have the problem that i need to change a lot of Easing-Velocities afterwards. So for example i need to select ALL position keyframes, right click > choose 'keyframe velocity' > enter the new value. And after that, you need to do this the same with the scale keyframes. Because there is the next problem: If you select position & scale keyframes the same time, you can not change their velocities at the same time (probably because the scale properties is splitted into 2 dimensions!?). Really annoying!


            It would be perfect if there was an option (maybe in the Application Preferences) to change the default value.

            Or a script, where you can enter the desired keyframe velocity, choose all the keyframes you want to affect, and the apply it. But it shouldn't work like the ease and wizz script via an expression code - instead it should apply the value directly (just the same as you do it manually with right mouse click and enter the value).


            @Mylenium i know you are very experienced with scripting - do you think a script like that is possible? If so, could you give me a hint how to fetch and manipulate the keyframe velocity data without expressions?


            Greetings from Stuttgart,


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              display-artist Level 1

              Problem already solved:

              The script "Keysmith" includes an option to manually enter the influence-value - accross all selected keyframes