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    Data Provider DataGrid and CheckBox Q

      I have created an application that uses the DataGrid. I have set the data provider to an array of objects. One of the properties in these objects is a boolean value.

      I have set the DataGrid to editable and it works well. editing a field changes the appropriate property of the an object in the dataprovider array.

      I have used RenderCell to get the check box to show up in a column. But I am unclear on how to get the CheckBox to update a value in the DataProvider array. Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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          I use CheckBoxCell.as to integrate checkbox mapped with DataSet imported from a XML schema.
          The tricky thing is the function Dataprovider.editField didn't work BECAUSE the parameter for "selected" was a boolean. Since DataSet binding was set to convert true/false String to Boolean (when converted from XML), I had to convert the boolean to a string fir editField class. And it works fine now!!

          Hope this helps even a bit because I have spent a lot of time to find this out.