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    Fireworks CS6 from CC doens't respond properly anymore…

    adrianatgeniux Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm working in Fireworks CS6 at my office and the problem I have since last Friday is,

      that the whole application doesn't respond properly anymore.


      The tool-shortcuts doesn't work anymore. While clicking the V and A button on my keyboard

      the tools eventually change thru but they're not working. So when I want do select an element

      I usually have to just click it when the right arrow-tool is selected but since friday I have to

      go through my layer-window to select any element.


      The next problem is (just as another example) the type tool. I can't just click it and type the hell

      out of that text box, NO (!!!), I have to select a word or a whole paragraph and than shift through it

      with my arrow-keys on the keyboard. That's just not working well. Sometimes I can't even do it

      like that and I have to restart the whole application.


      Another problem appears while the zoom-tool is selected. I just can zoom in and out by clicking the

      left mouse button and drag the selection open. Just clicking doesn't work anymore.


      Any suggestions on how to solve that problem? I've already reinstalled Fireworks twice (also with deleting

      all supporting files and preferences while uninstall the application.)


      Thanks in advance,