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      Hi all, I am new to flex ,
      I had implemented a CairngormPrototype, in which i use the Cairngorm framework from Adobe.
      I have an image In the modelLocator class of my project. This image is refered by 4 other view mxml files in my project.
      My problem is that when I set the image.data propertyof the image, its not reflect in all the view mxml files.
      The image data is changed only in the last binded mxml file. Other mxml file displays a null image that is the data of the image in that files are not set .

      I am using this code to set the data

      var myImage:Image = ModelLocator.getInstance().photo.image;
      var bmp1:Bitmap = myImage.data as Bitmap;
      var image:BitmapData = bmp1.bitmapData;
      var bmp:BitmapData = image.clone();
      //do some operation .......
      ModelLocator.getInstance().photo.image.data = new Bitmap(bmp);
      ModelLocator.getInstance().photo.image.source = new Bitmap(bmp);

      If any one faced similar problem, if any one have any idea please help me on this.