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    E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS **Please help**


      When I try to authorise my Kobo Glo with ADE I get the above message. If I hit the "Try Again" button, it allows me to enter my Adobe ID & Password, then it comes up with this message: "E_AUTH_BAD_DEVICE_KEY"


      I tried for months to get Adobe to kill off my authorisations with my original Adobe ID as I had authorised devices I no longer used, but after many many phone calls & Customer Service reps that just couldn't understand my request over weeks and months, I just gave up & created a new Adobe ID. I know I haven't exceeded my authorisation limit with my new ID - but for some reason I have had this old message come back to haunt me. Is there a file hiding on my Mac somewhere that is bringing up the old information and causing the error? I tried talking to Adobe Help on their live chat - but all I got from them was a pointer in the direction of the forums with a message saying that they no longer support ADE.


      This is so frustrating - can anyone help me? It shouldn't be so hard!