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    Problem with cacheAsBitmap

      Using AS2.0,
      I am developing a screen where I have to show 0-n number of Albums.
      I created one movieclip 'AlbumSymbol', which will be get attached to the holder_mc.
      [after attaching this symbol i will load external jpeg images into imaheHolder_mc of the attached AlbumSymbol]
      I am having 'Album.as' class which is having a method 'render()'
      Please have a look on my code.
      I am creating ten album objects, stored in the array 'albums'
      using a forloop, looping through the 'albums' array I am attaching the 'AlbumSymbol' into the holder_mc as per the array size.
      I am calling the render method of stroder album objects, with the newly attached 'AlbumSymbol' instance.
      Everything is fine.

      But I have to show only 3 AlbumSymbols at a time so I created a mask_mc above the holder_mc and provided left and right buttons,after draw the mask if i say
      the alpha channel mask effect is not working properly. {Please see my render(_mc) method of Album.as class}
      Once if i Press right/left button the holder_mc slides, and the alpha channel mask is getting apllied for all the album symbols in the holder_mc.
      The alpha chanel mask should get applied in the begining itself.
      Please have a look on my code and give some ideas.
      If i comment holder_mc.setMask(mask_mc); this line, the alpha channel mask working from the begining.

      Sorry for my English :-)