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    (timelinecontrol with mousemove) How to make it animate back to x position on mouse over

    Portal2thePacific Level 1

      Hello fellow creationists. LOL i mean in the artistic sense


      I created parallax banner by following this quick simple tutorial located here: Creating a Parallax Effect in Edge Animate - YouTube


      I noticed that it was creating an unattractive snap to x pos when you exited or entered the banner


      So in mouseout i created a simple solution by adding: sym.play('posX'); which just means it plays to the end from the last x mouse position.

      My problem now is when you enter the banner again it creates a snapping effect, So if its at 10 (the end) and the mouse goes onto the left side of the banner the animation will "snap" to the beginning position.

      Anybody know how I can ease this? Like make it ease into that spot first and stop the snap effect? it ruins the parallax but edge animate is my only solution because of my limited knowledge in JS

      Would appreciate any help! Refer to short tutorial i linked to, to understand what im talking about. Let me know if u want my current files to help.