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    Won't work past welcome screen. Toolbar accesable but various drop down menus not available and just a grey screen!


      I have reinstalled after 2 years not using. I am now using a laptop on Windows Vista after using a run down desktop.


      Neither the Desktop or Laptop are working.


      I can access the Welcome screen, but after this I get a grey screen with the taskbar at the top - NOTHING ELSE. I cannot access any of the drop down messages.


      If I create a new project I get the message "Sorry, a serious error has occured that required Adobe Premiere Elements to shut down.We will attempe to save your current project".


      If I try and open a project I get a message "Projects Created with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Premiere Elements are not compatible. Please use the appropriate application to open this project".


      Adobe chat has not been able to solve this.


      I have updated my display drivers and made sure the premiere elements update is complete!