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    AS3 drawing FLV freezes

      I'm playing around with video warping and I think I've found a fundamental limitation of
      some sort.
      I am using the Flex SDK to compile an AS 3.0 file into
      a swf file

      This swf access an FLV by progressive download, draws it to a bitmap and then does a BitmapFill
      to a shape that is on screen. The FLV file is 50 seconds long (ends with rocket ships zooming away
      from the camera) and I've found that the rendering/decompressing always faults somewhere in
      the middle of the playback. This fault does not generate an exception, it just stops updating the bitmap
      with new frames. It is as if the flv decompressor stalled and the render event keeps running. It has
      the same behavior on PC and Mac.

      This stalling isn't dependent on the amount of the video buffered. When the fault occurs the buffering
      activity on the network stops which is inconsistent of running out of buffer.

      It does scale with frames rendered. That is, if you half the framerate to 6 fps, the playback gets
      twice as far into the video and if you double the framerate you get half as far into the video. Could it
      be that one is only allowed to fire the draw method on a Video stream a limited number of times?

      Another note, it is not dependent on the
      hack. If I setup a crossdomain.xml file and drop the detach stream, the behavior is the same.

      Are there any experts that could check this out?